On Saturday, May 12 WINE TASTING SPAIN had the pleasure of attending a unique and very interesting event in the impressive surroundings of the Uclés Monastery (Cuenca), where the main protagonist was the Spanish wine with Denomination of Origin and the culture that enriches our lands since before the arrival of the Romans..

It was a lively day around the world of wine with designation of origin, in addition to a very emotional moment for WINE TASTING SPAIN since it can be considered its first activity in society in this new stage just started.

The large group of «Uclés-Winelovers» that gathered in the majestic Monastery of the Order of Santiago to honor the wines of their D.O. was headed by Lola Núñez Pinto, manager of the D.O. Uclés, who served as hostess and master of ceremonies, along with other personalities of the Junta de Castilla La Mancha and the Town of Uclés.

A guided tour was masterfully conducted by Ana Gálvez, official guide of the Monastery, for the spectacular facilities accompanied by the traditional Castilian music of the Zascandil Folk group that splendidly fused art, wine and tradition.

The highlight of the event was the “Toast” dedicated to wine with D.O. that twinned us just at 13:30 with another 28 points of the spanish geography corresponding to as many others D.D.O.O. who joined the initiative.

The event brought together more than 150 #winelovers who came together to honor quality wines and enjoy them in their places of origin, knowing their tradition, culture and value for the territory.

This beautiful initiative is part of the “DO Wine Movement Day”, a participative, popular and festive day organized by the Spanish Conference of Viticultural Regulatory Councils (CECRV), an organization that represents the different wine denominations of origin in Spain and aims to promote its consumption in a responsible and healthy way.

Enoturismo en España

Brindis vinos con D.O. Uclés

The main purpose of this day that is celebrated simultaneously in different parts of Spain is to put the value of the wine with D.O., bring it closer to the general public and to the younger ones in particular, inviting the participants to know the environment where it is produced. The intention is to create an “enhanced product” where the wine is in the center and surrounded by the earth, the work and effort of its inhabitants, the grape, its authenticity, culture, tradition and diversity, to reach the consumer focus as an integrated system that offers more than an eno-gastronomic experience, the transmission of centuries of culture within a glass of wine.

It is about transmitting identity, emotions and cultural roots, issues in which our country possesses an incomparable wealth.

This mixture of culture-tradition with industry represents the engine of many rural areas of Spain that are eager to share their emotions and diversity with the rest of the world, which certainly does not have the same level in any place around the world.

The DO Wine Movement aims to bring these remote areas in space to all consumers, especially the youngest who need to know the origin of the product to enter this world in a responsible and healthy way.

To make this approach effective, the channels that young people master to perfection, such as the internet, social networks, as well as a youtube channel in which their contents, contests and experiences can be consulted, all with fresh language, without artifice and attractiveness to connect with the public and bring wine to everyone.

The importance of these initiatives is crucial in Spain and should have happened a long time ago, as it is a pity that one of the leading wine producing countries in the world is ranked 33rd in the per capita wine consumption ranking. This is something disappointing and disastrous for the economies of those wonderful spanish villages and rural areas where the sweat and effort of its inhabitants is not rewarded with the recognition of the wine consuming public.

Of course, all of us individually and collectively can help turn around this crisis that causes sadness in all the professionals of the sector who see how this great wealth is wasted and set aside in favor of other products that are not enjoyed in the same way and does not contribute to the prosperity of our fields and their people.

Therefore, Wine Tasting Spain applauds and collaborates with this type of movements and initiatives that bring us closer to better understand the spanish culture of wine and everything that surrounds this wonderful world. Also, the “eno-gastro-tourism” is an indispensable tool to bring the culture of wine from its origin and tradition to consumers.

From WINE TASTING SPAIN we encourage everyone, consumers, wineries and operators of the sector to promote this type of enriching tourism both personally and the wine community that is willing to welcome us and offer us the best they have.

The realization of training events and dissemination around the world of wine, as well as the promotion of wine tourism experiences are jey factors of the activity of Wine Tasting Spain and constitute a moral obligation for the professionals that make it up. It is our challenge and we will fight to take it forward. Let’s drink spanish wine with designation of origin!!!!

About the D.O. Uclés

One of the youngest denominations of origin in Spain with regulations since 2002, and at the same time the smallest, composed of only five wineries. Qualified as a D.O. boutique, well earned name for its small size together with the quality and authenticity of its wines.

It is perhaps the denomination of origin most committed to the environment and sustainability. Thus, the CO2 emissions throughout the denomination are controlled and monitored through the «Carbon Footprint Measurement» in all the registered wineries. This is something innovative and revolutionary in Spain that speaks very well of the good work of this young wine región.


About the Uclés Monastery

Monastery of the Augustinian monks that was built in the 12th century and donated to the Order of Santiago.

It is considered “the Escorial of La Mancha” and represents an authentic spiritual journey through history that is both overwhelming and pleasant if we enjoy it with a glass of Uclés wine.

Space for the recording of numerous spanish films and tv series such as “Águila Roja”, “Isabel” or “El Rey Pasmado”, its evocative rooms will make us feel protagonists as it offers us the possibility of accommodation in these old and dilapidated facilities.

Enoturismo en Uclés

D.O. Uclés

Wine in Moderation

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