Wine Tasting Spain in collaboration with Nascor Formación organized the course in «Sensory Wine Analysis» last September. The objective was to offer a practical course focused on professional hospitality profiles, as well as foodies or amateur winelovers.

In the last edition held, we went in depth into the sensory analysis of some wines from the most representative areas of Spain.

The dynamic group, including foodies, winelovers, wine tourism professionals and hotel workers, raised the level of the course with their questions and curiosities. This caused our staff to be fully deployed implementing more advanced content according to the level of the students.

The course lasted for three weeks at a rate of 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday. This intensity was really very bearable for all the students due to their interest and participation.

After the success of the teaching hours we enjoyed, we visited Bodegas ZIríes, located in Cuerva (Toledo), where its owners, winemaker and sommelier, Sonia López and Javier Castro, showed us all their good work with the Garnacha variety.

In addition, we were lucky enough to be able to harvest a small vineyard that had «little berries» of Grenache variety, small and very ripe, so that the tasting of grapes was a festival of sweetness and color.

Once the heat of the sun began to prevail in the field and on ourselves, we went to the cellar to perform the traditional and always fun stepped on the grapes. With exquisite cleaning measures, Sonia and Javier told us the keys to perform an effective tread of the mass of grapes that we had just picked in the field.

Those few kilos of grapes remained in the vats with their native yeasts for a few months to become a sweet grenache wine, as our dear friends of ZIríes told us.

Everything followed with a splendid barbecue courtesy of ZIríes with local food such as loaf bread, tomatoes (how delicious they were!), Olive oil from Montes de Toledo, roe deer, Iberian pork, other delicatessen from Toledo and, of course, the wines from the winery: Navalegua, Con Viento Fresco, Ziríes and Melé, all of them 100% Grenache and 200% passion and love for the land.

In short, it was a beautiful wine tourism getaway near Madrid, which served as the final icing on the Sensory Wine Analysis course held at Nascor Formación facilities in collaboration with WIne Tasting Spain.

WINE TASTING SPAIN is a young services company formed by a team of qualified and recognized professionals in the food and beverage sector. They hold events around the world of wine, cocktails and gastronomy in general, developed in different languages for international clients. Its commitment to society permeates all of the company’s activities, fostering a culture of smart, moderate and responsible consumption.

Enoturismo en España

Wine in Moderation

NASCOR FORMACIÓN is part of OCA GROUP GLOBAL, a group of companies with more than 1400 employees, 80 delegations around the world and an experience of more than 40 years dedicated to quality in different sectors such as environment, social responsibility, food safety and consulting on training. Nascor Formación has two centers in Madrid, specifically in Pozuelo and Tres Cantos, each of them equipped and approved to provide numerous certificates of professionalism and subsidized courses.

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