At WINE TASTING SPAIN we carry out themed events on: wine, cocktails and gastronomy in general, developed in Spanish or English for international clients.

A range of culinary experiences to enjoy that we previously design adapting it to the specific details and needs.

Our professionals will make sure that your event is a success for you and your guests.



The different tasting formats that we offer allow the customers to choose between conducting an introductory tasting workshop, a more advanced course, private wine tastings, as well as more technical activities such as vertical tasting or comparative tasting and blind tasting, among others.

We also carry out thematic tastings such as “Champagne”, “Red reservas”, “The world of Sherry”, “Sweet and Dessert Wines”, and any other that you are curious to do.

The tastings with exclusive food pairing is another of our most demanded services. In this format you will enjoy a series of harmonies of different wines with the gastronomic recommendations proposed by our sommeliers.

The WINE TASTING SPAIN professionals will guide you in extremely fine a wine tasting in which you will discuss the main tasting techniques, characteristics of the wines and areas in question.

If you require the service in English or another language, you must communicate it in your reservation.


Unforgettable wine scapes accompanied by our sommeliers with those who will visit wineries, walking through its sun warmed vineyards on a relaxed atmosphere, being amazed by cultural heritage assets and bucolic sceneries, knowing its production process, and of course tasting the wines in their own facilities by the hand of our professionals.

You will know unique environments and after all this you can complete the experience with a lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants in the wine area selected by us for its quality and special character.


Accompanied by our sommeliers can enjoy a delightful walk through the most traditional areas of spanish cities and towns.

With these leisure walks we will enjoy several stops with the most authentic local cuisine, foodie highlights of the región, tasting tapas pairings, pintxos, wines, local vermouths and all the good that every city or town in Spain can offer us.

Examples of these beautiful experiences are, “Tapas around Madrid“, “In search of the best Vermouth de Madrid“, “Cocktail Bars tour in Madrid


At WINE TASTING SPAIN we consider quality and healthy products as one of the key points of our activity.

For this reason, we support the firms and products in which we trust making brand presentations, promotional product tastings, masterclasses and all kinds of actions to promote and sell excellent wines, spirits or any culinary goods.

If you work in a winery, distillery or oil mill and want to promote your product through professionals in the sector, we can help you.


If you are organizing an exclusive lunch or dinner at home and you have doubts about the wines to select for your menu, we can help you with our luxury sommelier services.

The Sommelier at Home service allows you to have prior specialized advice for the selection of the most appropriate wines and spirits to ensure the success of your special moments.

Likewise, you can also count on the sommelier service at the moment of the celebration, thus ensuring that the wine will be perfectly preserved, at the ideal temperature, and will be served in a professional manner, without you having to worry about it.

The sommelier will make the comments of tasting that you need and will confirm at all times the good state of the product and will allow you the maximum enjoyment of the wine pairing with the chosen menu.
Our sommeliers will be happy to perform any other type of home delivery such as tasting workshops, pairings, cocktails, etc ..



Are you organizing a party at home and looking for a different experience to surprise your guests?

Check with us because we have something to offer …

Through the Home Barman service, we prepare themed bars for your parties depending on what you need and with the drinks and products that you designate upon the recommendation of our bartenders.

On themed cocktail events consult the section “Cocktail Workshops / Master Classes of Cocktails” below.

If you require the service in English or another language you must communicate it in your reservation.


At WINE TASTING SPAIN we support the brands and products that we love, making tastings, brand presentations, promotions, masterclasses, events, hotel training or other type of informative activity that makes the product known and promotes its consumption in a responsible manner.

If you work in a winery, distillery or oil mill and want to promote your product through professionals in the sector, we can help you.


The different cocktail services we provide are very varied and allow the customer to choose between holding a workshop to learn how to make cocktails, a trendy gin and tonics workshops, as well as different innovative tastings and experiences such as “Scottish versus Japanese whiskeys”, “Caribbean Rum Pairings”, and many others.

Check with us the different options available or if you prefer, propose a theme and we will make it a reality.

The events can be done at the venue you designate or if you prefer we look for the most appropriate place you need among our network of contacts in the hospitality industry.


Our main objective is to provide personalized experiences to our clients and their guests, collaborating in the success of their events and breathtakingly beautiful celebrations.

This means that we communicate with you so that you can tell us in detail how you want us to carry out our stylish cocktail activities.

Our interest is to adapt to your needs and design the perfect activity that will be unforgettable for you and your guests.


When the work activity gives us a break and allows us to cultivate relationships with coworkers, it is necessary to choose a fun and special experience that motivates the team collectively and fosters the confidence of the group.

WINE TASTING SPAIN offers its team of bartenders to carry out all types of cocktail themed events, ranging from workshops to learn how to make cocktails, entertaining cocktail workshops, fun team cocktail contests and our amazing tastings such as the famous tasting “Pairing of Caribbean Rums with Chocolates “.

If your company is multinational and you are going to host European or foreign employees or managers, contact us to organize a special event with our bilingual bartenders who will make your guests feel at home.


Do you want the wine service in your restaurant to be more professional towards your customers and profitable for the business?

We can help:

  • We design wine, spirits and cocktail menus.
  • We advise on the purchase, conservation and management of warehouse stock.
  • We train their staff in the matter of spirits and its service.

WINE TASTING SPAIN makes training and advice plans for the cocktail service, adapted to the specific needs of your business.


If you are attracted by the idea of setting your party with a professional acrobatic bartender and feeling yourself in Tom Cruise’s famous “Cocktail” movie, talk to us.

We have Flair-bartenders who will delight your guests with their acrobatics with bottles, glasses and any other cocktail material.

Their experience and magnetism will bring sophistication and a distinctive touch to your events.


It’ll be our pleasure to help you in your need



In accordance with the provisions of article 5 of the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, WINE TASTING SPAIN informs you that the personal data contained in this document will be incorporated into a file duly communicated to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, in which the corresponding security measures have been adopted. By providing this data expressly authorizes this entity to treat them for the provision of contracted services. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by contacting:

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