The best way to start I think it can be, by logic, to define ourselves, that is:

  • About us?
  • Where we come from?
  • Where we go?

I hope that the reading of any of these articles will be interesting and you are encouraged to participate with opinions, questions, debates, proposals or anything else that you may want to publish about what we all love: Wine and Cocktails.

I leave you with a beautiful phrase of Sancho Panza that I have just read that places wine as food at the same level of importance as many others in our Mediterranean diet:

“Lunch boxes I bring, and this boot hanging from the saddle bow, by itself or not; it is so devoted to me and I love her so much. Few moments are spent without my giving her a thousand kisses and a thousand hugs. “(Don Quixote de La Mancha – Miguel de Cervantes).

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